Security Assessment

Gain the in-depth clarity you need to future-proof your security system

Taking into account your Business Mission and Critical Processes, Arco IT helps you to define your security target state. We provide a complete picture of your current system and potential security threats while recommending the ideal strategy for adopting a security level that matches your company’s business goals.

At Arco IT, we understand your organization needs to be prepared for the threat landscape. We evaluate the systems and procedures in place, and build an internal awareness of risks and mitigations.


Through our security assessments, we’ll help you understand your security gaps and build a security strategy personalized to your organizational needs and the current threats you face. 


We conduct in-depth interviews with key IT stakeholders within your organization and run optional technical tests to assess the current level of security. 


We perform a comprehensive analysis to evaluate your risks and identify potential areas for improvement.


We develop actionable recommendations, prioritizing the most vulnerable areas to address first.


For us, a security assessment isn’t just a list of things to fix. Our assessments are like a custom blueprint for your business.

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Regain confidence and control of your IT security

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On 1 September 2023 the new Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP) comes into effect. Can you prove due diligence and demonstrate compliance?

Arco can provide transparency to your systems with IT gap analyses and recommend what needs to be improved.

Arco can support your Data Protection Officer, or act in this role, to implement your Data Protection Strategy, and help manage your risks.

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