Valentin Ehkirch

View into the changing landscape of IT Security – CIS v8

The new CIS controls v8 protects public and private organizations against cyber threats by assessing an organization’s IT security posture, comparing risk levels, and providing recommendations to ultimately address the identified gaps

Anna Mempel

Jump-starting your Security Strategy with Anna Mempel

Automation in the cyber-crime environment is on the rise. With Arco and Securnite solutions, vulnerabilities and attacks can be easily handled.

Bertil Strub

IT Security from a Sourcing Perspective is Vulnerability Avoidance

Security risks generated by lack of coordination and non-resourceful purchases highlight the need for the management tools for maximum optimization.

Nicole Beranek Zanon

Legal and IT concerns of Data Transfers to non-EU/CH countries

Insufficient measures to adequately protect data prompted the EU Court of Justice to place focus on non-EU/CH countries’ service providers, technical solutions, and anonymization to protect sensitive data.

Hannes P. Lubich

IT and Covid-19 – An initial assessment in 5 theses

Growing tolerance for insecure IT architectures and inflexible company pandemic-plans are the leading cause of companies rethinking their data protection and IT security.