IT Security from a Sourcing Perspective is Vulnerability Avoidance

Many problems are created, due to the lack of coordination between sourcing and management, where the deployment does not take place according to the contract.

Many tools / purchases are made, but 35% are not (fully) implemented subsequently, resulting in over-purchasing and security risks.

For this reason, before signing a contract, a detailed examination of the conditions and a negotiation should take place. It is also important to continuously consider the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Many of the licenses are not maintained, which generates ongoing costs, i.e. as long as licenses are active, they must be under SAM (Software Asset Management) control.

It’s more than just purchasing the tools – it’s about managing them over time, which involves costs that can be streamlined. It should not be forgotten that ultimately the primary focus is on the data.

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Bertil Strub

Bertil is the President of the Swiss Sourcing Group that is committed to providing a platform for a professional and personal exchange as well as transfer of specialist knowledge. He has been working as a Senior Software Sourcer at SoftwareONE since 2016. Previously, he worked for 20 years in various functions in the purchasing organization at UBS AG. He loves to travel and be in the nature.

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