Jump-starting your Security Strategy with Anna Mempel

Automation in the cyber-crime environment is on the rise, making the topic of IT security increasingly relevant for SMEs as well, as they are becoming increasingly targeted for attacks.

The following basic measures to protect the IT infrastructure can be easily implemented:

  • Secure the network
  • Take inventory of the IT systems
  • Analyze log data
  • Handle security incidents

Concrete recommendations for security solutions in companies are as follows:

  • Determine the protection status by means of a vulnerability test
  • Use automated tools for the analysis of log files (e.g. Azure Sentinel)
  • Audit data regularly and be alert to new attack methods

With Arco IT and Securnite solutions, vulnerabilities and attacks can be easily detected. The systems can be easily integrated into the network and operated cost-effectively.

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Anna Mempel

She has many years of experience in the spectrum of IT, ranging from software development and project management to managing a branch office of an international cyber security company. Her consulting focus is on the management and implementation of IT security projects to establish and improve information security and compliance. She is also a Lecturer at Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (FFHS).

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