Ensure the security of your IT operations, including the continuous monitoring of threats and the targeted response to attacks.


Logging and Monitoring

Why? Detection of attacks and analysis of problems requires appropriate logging of all relevant security events along with adequate alerting mechanisms. Many organizations lack proper tools for this.

How? We offer solutions to suit your needs in-house or as a managed service. Our specialists build logging platforms and alerting systems. Our operations staff continuously analyze events for potential incidents, then coordinate with your team to resolve any security issues.

Result: Your systems are constantly kept safe from new known attack methods.

Threat Hunting

Why? If your organization has very sensitive information, it might be prone to attacks by advanced threat actors using methods that are not yet been publicized. These are often referred to as APT (Advanced Persistent Threats).

How? Using advanced tools such as machine learning and statistical analysis enables us to monitor your infrastructure for anomalies and patterns that indicate attacks and to investigate them in depth for evidence of novel attack methods. If desired we can trigger follow up actions: we can alert industry partners and implement methods to contain and remove the attack.

Result: Your systems are monitored continually for advanced, as yet unknown attacks from actors with advanced skills and resources, enabling you to respond to these APT early and thus contain any damage.