Plan, supervise, and coordinate all information security measures. Get advice for all questions of data protection and cybersecurity.

Managing is a central element of all your IT security activities. Keeping it updated and constantly prepared for the future and any potential upcoming sophisticated threats can be a demanding task.

At Arco IT we can help you with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role as per your needs and requirements. Our CISO comes supported by various specialists to offer full support on a strategical, tactical and operational level.

We take on planning, supervision, coordination and control tasks for all information security measures and advise you on all questions of data protection and cyber security.

CISO as a Service

Why? Your company has a need to keep IT security managed, coordinated, and developed by a competent, capable and experienced person. You want a strong individual who can communicate with senior managers, IT professionals, external partners and authorities. You need this person either temporarily until you can fill the role internally, or you would like to have an expert on board in a cost-efficient way on a part-time basis.

How? We provide a seasoned CISO to you as per your capacity and timing requirements. Our CISO comes supported by our own experts, analysts and engineers. We blend into your organization seamlessly and help to coordinate and supervise all activities that relate to IT security.

Result: You benefit from an effective internal control system, clearer risk management policies, and timely advice in critical situations. We facilitate those difficult discussions that board members and IT staff often need to have. In addition, we can give you the weight and experience that you might need when facing industry regulators and auditors, e.g. FINMA.

EU GDPR Consultancy

Why? If your organization falls under the European Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), there are many aspects to consider. Navigating what to do and how to do it becomes straightforward with the help of our experts.

How? We offer a combined team of IT and legal experts that analyze your needs and help you implement all the required components, e.g. data inventories, risk assessments, technical and organizational tools. We also help you prepare for communicating effectively with the authorities, the press, partners and clients in cases of breach or legal inquiry.

Result: You have implemented all the right tools and processes. You can comfortably answer questions from management, business partners and users about your compliance with the important regulations for the protection of private data under EU GDPR.