Detection & Response

Sleep easy with 24 / 7 round-the-clock monitoring and rapid resolution of incidents

Threats to IT environments often occur on weekends and public holidays. That’s when attackers assume your systems are left unsupervised. So the earlier security issues can be identified, the quicker you can get back to business as usual. 

At Arco IT we want you to be able to sleep easy knowing that your systems are being monitored 24×7 365 days a year and incidents are immediately addressed. To protect your business, your security monitoring needs to be high-performing and high-responding.

That’s why we’ve partnered with international expert  Obrela Security Industries to provide a powerful Security Operations Center (SOC) that seamlessly integrates into your on-premise and cloud-based systems to constantly monitor for potential threats and take action in case of security issues. 


Through our rigorous and thorough process, security threats will have no place to hide.


We integrate your systems (e.g. Endpoints, Servers, Active Directory, Firewalls, Networks, Microsoft Office 365, Cloud Resources, etc.) with a customizable and proven detection
platform that monitors your system around the clock with AI-based detection logic. 


A team of dedicated security analysts contextualizes the logged information and triages the events. 


When an attack is detected, we ensure that the issue is resolved, no matter what. Guided by pre-agreed playbooks and years of practical experience, we work independently or hand-in-hand with your IT department
and suppliers to contain the threat and recover your systems as soon as possible.


We’ll make sure that monitoring your systems and responding to threats is hassle- and headache-free.
In addition to a SOC, you’ll have support from a trained international Incident Response Team, skilled at analyzing and responding to issues, alongside a strong local team in Switzerland. Take comfort in working with a partner you know and trust, while enjoying the confidence that comes with knowing your IT environment is in safe hands. 

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Regain confidence and control of your IT security

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