CISO as a Service

Stay focused on running your business and we’ll help keep your business secure

Safeguarding your business’s information requires a significant amount of time and effort. You need to keep your systems up-to-date, prepare for potential threats and have challenging conversations regarding data protection, ISO 27001 certification, and risk management. 

At Arco IT we’re happy to support your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or take on the role. Our Team takes responsibility for your organization’s cybersecurity strategy. 

Let us take a virtual weight off your shoulders while ensuring that your data assets are well protected. Arco’s CISO Team handles all planning, supervising, coordinating and controlling tasks for your information security measures.

Whether you’re just looking for interim guidance until you can fill a CISO role internally, or you would like to have a team of experts on board on a cost-efficient, part-time basis, we’ve got you covered.

How it works

The Arco CISO Team integrates seamlessly into your organization to monitor, improve and control activities in the security area.


Coordinating the entire process, the CISO Team identifies security requirements based on your organizational goals. The CISO Team reviews the current setup in terms of people, processes and technology.


Based on the initial analysis, the CISO Team helps define the IT security strategy together with all relevant stakeholders. The CISO Team coordinates with management to get approval and support for the required changes, highlighting all risks or areas of improvement.


In cooperation with relevant departments and external partners, the CISO Team implements the approved strategy, controlling all security activities and ensuring a smooth execution. Throughout the process, the CISO Team provides transparency as to how the organization is developing and key changes to the threat landscape.

what you can expect

With the Arco IT CISO Team, your IT security system will be in the hands of dedicated experts — experts who are fully immersed and committed to the security of your organization. For us, it isn’t just about providing system
architecture solutions, but about adding value, insight and guidance across the board – both within your organization, as well as with external business partners. We’ll take responsibility for all information security matters, so you can stay focused on running your business.

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