Services - Incident Support

Analyze malware, isolate systems in order to prevent further damage, and coordinate emergency situations.

An attack on your security can have a significant impact on your business. This is why you need to perform an immediate assessment in such a case and respond promptly to limit potential losses.

Arco IT specializes in analyzing malware, isolating systems to prevent further damage and coordinating emergency situations.

Once the threat is contained, Arco IT will help you get back to business as usual.


Malware Analysis

Why? A piece of unknown malware has infected your systems. You need to find out what it is, how it works, how it spreads, how it communicates with the outside world, and how it can be stopped.

Result: This information will enable you to identify the extent of the damage and how to isolate it. This is an important first step in planning your recovery activities.


Why? When an attack has gained access to your system, one of the first steps is to prevent the system from suffering further damage and the attack from spreading any wider.

Result: Your organization can continue delivering value to the business while work goes on to repel the attack and shield the system against future threats.

Emergency Coordination

Why? In case of a cyber-attack or malware outbreak, coordination by an experienced person is essential to assure an effective response.

Result: Staff will work more effectively, mitigation of risks will be less onerous, and business can resume with less delay.


Recovery Support

Why? Once you have successfully defended against an attack, you will want to get your business up and running quickly. Ideally, your recovery effort should begin even while you are still fending off the current attack. This might involve setting up an emergency IT infrastructure, or creating the core of a new, safer infrastructure that you will use to restore your backups into.

Result: From having an emergency IT system available quickly to being up and running with all services for the whole company, Arco IT will help you to overcome the interruptions as fast as possible and to create a safer environment for the future.