Services - Engineering

Implement optimised architectures, support your project team, train you employees in IT security matters, run phishing tests, build tools to monitor and detect security incidents.

Once you have a good understanding of how resilient the IT security of your company is, you may start thinking about how to increase the level of security and detect any security threats at an early stage.

Our experts can help you implement optimized architectures for your business needs, support your project team, train your employees in IT security matters, run dedicated phishing tests to test both systems and staff, monitor and detect any security events.


Architecture Development

Why? Let’s say you are considering a new technology e.g. a cloud-based services, collaboration tools, better workplaces. And you need help in developing an architecture to match.

Result: Your architectures will be optimized for your new business needs. You will also receive the support you need in establishing a collaboration with a suitable business partner.

Project Support

Why? You have completed project planning and would now like specialists to support you in the implementation for a limited period.

Result: Receive the help you need and accelerate the projects that are important to you.

Security Training

Why? Your employees are the crucial link in your security setup. The better they understand the ins and outs of everyday security matters, the more effectively they can prevent breaches through their access to the system.

Result: Your informed employees will know how to react to strange e-mails and fishy phone calls. . Well-trained employees contribute more to the security of your assets than any other measure.

Phishing Tests

Why? Make sure they know it when they see it: Have your employees become familiar with typical phishing approaches and nip the problem in the bud, as it were. In untrained organizations typically around 70% of recipients click on fraudulent links and thus expose the company to serious security risks. Our phishing tests and trainings can help your employees develop the right skills to identify and appropriately deal with suspicious emails.

Result: Your staff is much less likely to click on dangerous links or open malicious attachments, meaning your company is significantly less exposed to common attacks.