Experience as an Intern at Arco IT GmbH

My internship with Arco IT where I learned useful skills, like improving my Python technique and how to acclimate into a work environment.

Phishing Awareness Training For Your Human ‘Firewall’

Arco IT presents KnowBe4, a platform for integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing in order to combat the ongoing issue of social engineering.

Investigating Security Alerts

In this article, I will explain how easily Azure Sentinel can be used to investigate security alerts.

Detecting Cyber Threats with Azure Sentinel – Part 2

Learn how to develop alert rules, create automated response steps, and define health check controls with this Microsoft tool.

Detecting Cyber Threats with Azure Sentinel – Part 1

The first Arco article to deep dive into this Microsoft cloud-based SIEM. We begin with ingesting logs.