IT and Covid-19 – An initial assessment in 5 theses

Covid-19 has strongly driven digital transformation and created a greater dependency on ICT

Despite the increased use of various tools in ICT, awareness of IT security has not increased. Rather, there is a growing tolerance for insecure architectures, especially with the ad-hoc adoption of home offices.

Companies’ pandemic plans have “failed” because they are only designed for a short-term response. Experience has shown that companies that reacted flexibly to the plans were better able to cope with the situation.

Many companies are now rethinking their IT security and data protection. Most are planning to increase budgets for this area.

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Hannes P. Lubich

He is a computer scientist and former university lecturer. He has been involved in IT service management, IT security and risk management for over 30 years. At ETH Zürich, he worked as a researcher and lecturer and was instrumental in setting up the Internet and CERT in Switzerland Computer Emergency Response Team (GovCERT). He is also a member of several management and technical advisory boards with focus on information security, governance/compliance, crisis management, and IT system and service management. In his free time, he likes cooking.

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