Arco IT – The Strategic Synergy of MDR and XDR Redefining Business Security

Arco IT, a trailblazing IT services and consulting company with a rich heritage in IT security, is on a mission to bolster cyber resilience and elevate client productivity to new heights. 

Arco IT has solidified its position through a strategic partnership with the renowned Obrela Security Industries to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. The alliance unites two industry innovators, pooling their knowledge and resources for an unprecedented collaboration. 

“We recognised the potential of this alliance, combining powerful tools with an unwavering commitment to exceptional service,” states Amy Vaillancourt, Chief Operating Officer of Arco IT.  

Switzerland’s medium-sized businesses face an ever-increasing threat landscape, yet they often need more expertise to handle cybersecurity effectively. These organisations need Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, and independent audits, and that’s where Arco IT step in, providing the necessary guidance and support to make informed decisions and assess potential risks.  

Understanding the significance of partnering with a Security Operations Centre (SOC) with an extended detection and response, and managed detection and response (XDR/MDR) provider like Obrela Security Industries, Arco IT embraces forward-thinking strategies to address immediate challenges while future-proofing their security infrastructure. By offering Obrela’s comprehensive threat detection and response service, response times to cyber threats are drastically reduced, firmly establishing Arco IT as one of Switzerland’s top five MDR providers. 

At the core of Obrela Security Industries’ offerings lies its MDR service, powered by their purpose-built Swordfish platform. This cutting-edge platform delivers real-time insights into the security posture of clients’ digital environments, presenting a unified view for stakeholders to ensure transparency and swift access to critical information. Clients benefit from the platform’s exceptional 15-minute SLA for high-severity incidents, guaranteeing prompt attention to urgent threats. 

With an innovative risk level visualisation system using red, amber, and green indicators, Swordfish empowers clients, partners like Arco IT, and Obrela’s security analysts to work collaboratively in addressing threats. While Obrela Security Industries offers additional value-added services such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, MDR remains its core focus. 

Obrela Security Industries takes pride in its in-house development, crafting advanced solutions seamlessly integrating diverse software systems and servers. This approach fosters transparency and proactive threat detection, benefiting Arco IT’s clients. 

The synergy between Arco IT and Obrela Security Industries is evident in their efficient client engagement process, which includes in-depth interviews to understand clients’ on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures. This approach ensures a tailored technology approach and swift service commencement while building client trust and confidence. With a focus on efficiency and efficacy, the teams work diligently to make services operational within weeks, aligned with specific requirements—a testament to their dedication to meeting cybersecurity needs promptly. 

We recognised the potential of this alliance, combining powerful tools with an unwavering commitment to exceptional service 

Among their success stories in a variety of industries (finance, healthcare, manufacturing) the ones from critical infrastructure stand out. By identifying potential threat models and vectors that could impact the organizations’ essential assets, systems, data, and IoT ecosystems, Obrela’s MDR intelligence and expertise facilitated the design of holistic cybersecurity frameworks, safeguarding the clients present and future. 

Arco IT stands apart for its exceptional ability to connect with clients at all levels, from technical and operations to C-level executives and Board members. Their personalised approach, coupled with an empathetic touch, fosters strong and enduring client relationships. Operating within multi-lingual Switzerland allows Arco IT to transcend traditional remote service provisions, forging meaningful face-to-face connections with their clientele. 

The synergy of MDR and XDR offered by Arco IT and Obrela Security Industries redefines business security, unlocking new potential for companies in their quest for cyber resilience and growth in an ever-evolving digital landscape